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Replace truck mirrors with a camera system

JEAVOX is the most innovative mirror replacement camera system on the market

AOTOP TECH CO.,LTD 12.3-inch electronic rear-view mirror system is one of our recent hot-selling and widely acclaimed products. The product is mainly used in conjunction with dual-side cameras and monitors, which can effectively avoid blind spots on the body and assist the driver in driving safety.



The AOTOP high-definition 12.3-inch electronic rearview mirror system collects images by installing a pair of cameras on the two outer sides of the vehicle(short arm camera and long arm camera) and non-destructively inputs the road condition image signal source of the front blind zone and the side rear blind zone to the internal A-pillar fixed 12.3-inch IPS monitor for high-definition output . Overcome the blind areas of the front and left and right sides of the traditional optical rear view mirrors, and realize the real-time monitoring of potential collision targets in the blind areas of the front and side of the vehicle.



The system is mainly used in large trucks, buses, buses, etc. It is especially suitable for harsh scenes such as rain, fog, strong light environment and low illumination environment, because the product has the following advantages:

1.Solve the blind spots of traditional optical rearview mirrors and reduce potential safety hazards;2. Solve the reflection and glare problems of traditional optical rearview mirrors;3. It is convenient for driving to merge and change lanes to ensure safe driving;4. It is convenient for safe driving under bad weather such as low light (night), strong light, rain and snow;5. Auxiliary side entry and exit, parking;6. The video function provides a reference for the handling of traffic accidents;7. Added monitoring prompts for moving objects in blind areas to reduce potential safety hazards;


In addition, the 12.3-inch electronic rear view mirror has an IPS full-view LCD screen, which can effectively help the driver to view images from multiple angles in different positions. The LCD light adaptive function is also a major feature of this product. In different light environments, the 12.3-inch electronic rear view mirror can detect the brightness of the environment and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, so that the screen can achieve the best display effect in any environment.

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